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Three Excellent Reasons to add Plants to your Space.

Plants clean the air.


Studies since the 1980's have proven that plants remove harmful gases:  CO2, VOC's, Benzene and formaldehyde. 

Plants are aesthetically pleasing.


Compare an office with live indoor plants to a sterile plant free environment.  The green office always looks better.

Plants make us feel good.


And when you feel good at work you're going to be more productive.  Ask anyone who works in a windowless office!  

Plant Care

If you like plants but dont have a green thumb, then you should call us . .NOW . . . before another living thing is harmed.


We'll take care of the watering, pruning, cleaning and fertilization.  We use only biological pest management so no need to worry about harmful chemicals because we dont use them.



The plants we maintain are guaranteed against loss.  Plant care is probably not your first priority, so you look after your work and we'll look after the plants. 

If your plants look like this . . . .


Then you should definitely contact us

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